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BASF Launches RMC1000, the First Single-Coat Clear in the Refinishing Industry

RM is a premium refinish paint brand owned by BASF and has launched RMC1000, the first single-coat clear in the refinish paint industry. Currently available.

The RMC1000 meets customer demands for speed and efficiency, reduces cycle times, provides superior sag resistance, and delivers outstanding appearance.

In response to the market's demand for increased productivity, RMC1000 can be applied wet in one layer and dried at 140 F° for 30 minutes. Compared with 1.5 layers of coat on the market, there is no flash-off time and no need for a second coat, saving customers at least 10 minutes of time.

For a body shop owner, the value of ten minutes goes beyond just the time saved. With no flash-off time or application of a second coat, they can increase daily cycles, unlocking more than $500,000 in additional revenue annually. For example, if a customer uses a competitive 1.5-coat clear with an average spray booth run time of 90 minutes, four cycles per day, and an average RO of $3,750, their revenue per booth per month will be $315,000.

If the same customer replaced their 1.5-coat clear with RMC1000, the time savings would allow them to run 4.6 cycles per day. An extra 0.6 cycles may not seem like much, but it adds up to $564,000 in additional revenue per year.

"RMC100 is a pioneering product for our customers. As the industry's first single-coat clear, it offers speed and efficiency improvements unmatched by any other product on the market," said Jim Reddy, BASF's marketing manager for refinish coatings in the Americas. "When you combine this advantage with energy savings, CO2 reduction and ease of application, the RMC1000 not only meets the growing needs of shops for increased productivity and reduced complexity, but also exceeds it."

In addition to unlocking additional revenue opportunities, the RMC1000 can increase efficiency without increasing repair orders. Replacing a competitive 1.5 coat clear with RMC1000 will save the customer $2,000 per year in energy saving with less booth run time and 7000 lbs. Additionally, stores can instantly save on RO costs by leveraging RMC1000 per hour.


Source: BASF



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