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Expanding its E-coat Manufacturing Facility in Mangalore, BASF

BASF's Coatings division declares the enlargement of its Mangalore facility dedicated to the production of e-coats. The rising demand for e-coat solutions among local automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) clients in India, as well as clients in the South Asian and ASEAN markets, is the impetus for this strategic expansion.

E-coat is alternatively known as cathodic dip coating or electrophoretic coating. Its function is to prevent corrosion of the surfaces, edges, and cavities of the automobile body. Furthermore, it efficiently mitigates the unevenness of metal surfaces that have been pre-treated. It establishes an optimal substrate for the application of consecutive coats of paint.

By utilising the expanded facility, BASF will acquire the capacity to produce e-coat products of the most recent iteration. It incorporates CathoGuard 800 RE, which provides electric vehicles with reduced consumption, enhanced efficiency, and increased reactivity.

India's automotive market is booming with opportunities. With a mix of international and local car brands, and evolving consumer behaviors, India holds immense potential for BASF,” said Patrick Zhao, senior vice president, Global Automotive OEM Coatings, BASF.

“I'm incredibly proud of our strong growth in India and the region, thanks to our successful collaborations with customers and partners. But beyond the numbers, what makes me even more proud is our ability to leverage our innovations, passion for colors, and sustainability experience to serve the local market,” added Zhao.

Mangalore has become the most expansive production facility in South Asia for BASF. Since the expansion of the automotive coatings application centre in 2022, the Coatings division has been leveraging international resources to introduce cutting-edge methodologies and expertise to the market.

Source: BASF



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