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FendX has issued an Update Regarding the Progress of its Spray Nano-Coating Development.

FendX Technologies Inc., a nanotechnology firm specializing in surface protection coatings, is delighted to offer an update on the ongoing progress towards finalizing the formulation of its spray nano-coating product under development.

Dr. Carolyn Myers, CEO of FendX, states, "We are pleased to provide an update that we are successfully moving closer to finalizing our spray nano-coating formulation with the goal of optimizing the scale-up manufacturing process." Dr. Myers continues, "The formulation work undertaken and in collaboration with McMaster University, has involved streamlining the steps required to produce the nanoparticle suspension and we are now working with an all-in-one suspension, which is anticipated to be easier to scale and apply, as well as provide optimal durability. Once the formulation is complete, it will be transferred to our development partner, nanoComposix LLC, who will assess the formulation and conduct the scale-up manufacturing work."

On October 26, 2023, FendX announced a master services agreement with nanoComposix. According to the agreement, nanoComposix will evaluate, replicate, and scale up the spray nano-coating formulation to larger batch sizes for testing purposes. FendX's spray nano-coating intellectual property was licensed from McMaster University under a license agreement dated May 16, 2023. Both the REPELWRAP™ film and the spray nano-coating have demonstrated significant effectiveness in reducing the adhesion of bacteria and viruses on surfaces prone to contamination, thereby decreasing their transmission.

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