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KCC and LG Chem Collaborate to Develop Paints using Eco-Friendly Raw Materials

KCC and LG Chem will use this MOU to synthesise paint resins using eco-friendly raw ingredients derived from carbon dioxide conversion or microbial fermentation. It plans to collaborate on research and development in a variety of paint disciplines, including automotive, automotive parts, industrial, and mobile applications.

KCC anticipates that by collaborating with LG Chem, it will be able to grow ecologically friendly goods while reducing the energy required to make them.

According to KCC Vice President Kim Sang-hoon, “The MOU between the two companies is expected to gain momentum in the development of products using eco-friendly raw materials. LG Chem’s carbon-neutral material developed this time has excellent eco-friendliness and can also upgrade product quality, so the synergy with paint will be great.”

LG Chem vice president Lee Jong-gu stated, “It is significant in that two leading companies in the chemical industry have met and decided to join forces for eco-friendliness. We will present a new standard for eco-friendly products and strive to develop various materials.”

KCC creates environmentally friendly water-based paints such as Supro Putty Washable, low-temperature drying paint for electric vehicles, and a water-based paint water mix for auto maintenance. KCC is working towards ESG management by organising an Environmental Safety Committee and focusing company-wide attention.

Source - KCC



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