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PPG Validates that Electrostatic Application Reduces Marine Coating Overspray by 40 percent.

PPG reported that the electrostatic application of PPG SIGMAGLIDE® 2390 fouling release coating reduced overspray at the EDR Antwerp shipyard by 40 percent. The project, which was executed on the submerged hull of the RoRo passenger ship Stena Transporter operated by Stena Line, represents the second instance of an electrostatic application project for EDR that has achieved success.

By electrostatically applying PPG SIGMAGLIDE® 2390 fouling release coating, the EDR Antwerp shipyard was able to reduce overspray by 40 percent. When combined with the low VOC emissions of PPG Sigmaglide coating, electrostatic application offers applicators a more hygienic working environment and increased efficiency in transfer compared to airless spraying. This results in decreased overspray and waste. PPG Sigmaglide fouling release coating and PPG NEXEON™ 810 antifouling coating are both environmentally friendly due to their chemical compositions, rendering them appropriate for utilization in electrostatic processes.

“Electrostatic application increases the weather window in which painting activities can take place, as well reducing overspray significantly,” said Philippe Trouillard, commercial manager, EDR. “It’s impressive to see how the charged paint droplets are attracted to the vessel surface almost like a magnet. You only have to look at the dock floors at the end of the project to see how much paint has been saved from disappearing into the environment. Due to a cleaner operation, we have spent less time masking the vessel and covering the dock, saving valuable time and costs.”

“Ship owners and shipyards are being encouraged to look for innovative solutions in order to comply with stricter environmental regulations and meet their sustainability goals,” said Sijmen Visser, PPG sales director, Marine EMEA, Protective and Marine Coatings. “We see an increased demand not only for biocide-free and copper-free hull coatings to reduce vessel emissions, but also for more sustainable application procedures by yards. We strongly believe in the sustainable concept of electrostatic application and are promoting the concept in shipyards in Europe, Singapore and China.”

Source: PPG



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