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WEG and GIT Enter a Partnership for the Delivery of Marine Coatings in the International Market

WEG has partnered with the Canadian company GIT Coatings to improve the supply of coatings for marine lines in the international market, based on shared innovation between both companies, with the goal of increasing marine shipping efficiency at lower costs while reaffirming the commitment to sustainability.

With experience in innovative and sustainable graphene-based solutions, GIT wants to reduce fuel costs and carbon emissions in collaboration with WEG, a pioneer in sustainable solutions for maritime vessel painting and preservation. The collaboration seeks to enhance product offerings and deliver tailored solutions to its clients.

"Strategic partnerships allow us to promote innovation and technological advancement, playing a fundamental role for WEG. Our partnership with GIT will be crucial to offering even more efficient and sustainable coating solutions to the global marine market," highlights Rafael Torezan, Managing Director of WEG Coatings Division

This relationship, which focuses on providing integrated solutions, illustrates WEG's continuous commitment to creative and low-environmental impact solutions.

"Today we announce with great enthusiasm our official partnership with WEG Coatings. Leading the shipbuilding industry towards a more ecological future, we will continue to expand the offering of coating solutions based on the world's most sustainable and effective biofouling agents. Our shared vision of innovation makes strengthening our product offerings across global markets a reality," says Mo AlGermozi, CEO of GIT Coatings.

Source: WEG



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