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Azelis Extends its Reach in South Africa Through the Acquisition of CPS Chemicals (Coatings)

Azelis, a leading global innovation service provider in the specialty chemicals and food ingredients industry, has announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire 100% of the shares of CPS Chemicals (Coatings) Pty Ltd ('CPS Chemicals (Coatings)'), a specialty chemicals distributor to the paint, ink, resins, paper, plastics, and rubber industries.

The purchase broadens the group's presence in South Africa and strengthens Azelis' lateral value chain in the CASE segment. It will enable Azelis to better serve its clients and drive expansion in South Africa and throughout the EMEA region.

CPS Chemicals (Coatings), founded in 1993, is a specialty chemical distributor that primarily serves South Africa's paint and ink sectors. The firm, based in Durban, employs 11 individuals and maintains and develops a strong market position as a result of long-standing connections with worldwide principals and local consumers. In addition to dynamic service levels and technological skills, the firm offers a diverse product assortment.

Nicholas Colepeper, Managing Director of CPS Chemicals (Coatings), said “By joining the dynamic world of Azelis, I am truly excited by the prospect of leveraging their vast expertise and innovative spirit to propel our company to new horizons. Together, we are ready to achieve remarkable milestones and redefine success.”

Chris Sacy, Managing Director of Azelis MEA, mentioned “I am delighted to welcome the CPS Chemicals (Coatings) teams to our company. Thanks to their experience and highly complementary portfolio, I am convinced that the combined offering of Azelis and CPS Chemicals (Coatings) will further strengthen our position us as one of the leading distributors of specialized CASE chemicals in South Africa.”

Boston Moonsamy, Managing Director of Azelis South Africa, added “The strategy of CPS Chemicals (Coatings) is perfectly aligned with Azelis' "Innovation through formulation" vision, looking to engage with customers on a technical level by offering solutions via the laboratories and R&D programs of its principals. CPS Chemicals (Coatings) will now be able to benefit from Azelis' global network of laboratories, as well as the technical and innovation experience and expertise of its teams.”

Source: AZELIS



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