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PPG Unveils "TOMORROW INCLUDED" Sustainability Marketing Initiative for Architectural Coatings in EMEA

PPG has introduced the TOMORROW INCLUDED sustainability marketing concept for its Architectural Coatings business in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). This initiative is designed to showcase the sustainability benefits of numerous PPG architectural products and to effectively convey the company's sustainability narrative to its customers.

The TOMORROW INCLUDED concept will be rolled out in stages over the coming months across PPG's TIKKURILA, BECKERS™, SIGMA, JOHNSTONE’S, and ALCRO brands. This initiative will highlight sustainability benefits such as durability, energy savings, safety, carbon reduction, and recyclability on product packaging and in marketing materials, including advertisements, websites, and social media.

“At PPG, sustainability is built into everything we do – how we innovate, operate and go to market,” said Svea Paju, PPG marketing director brands, AC EMEA North and East. “Our commitment to sustainability empowers us to guide our customers towards the right product solutions that align with their sustainability ambitions.

“Sustainability is becoming a qualifier for doing business in many parts of the world. It is a critical topic not only for customers, but also for a variety of stakeholders, including investors, employees, potential employees and suppliers,” Paju said. “We believe this concept will help our customers make a more informed choice.”

Source: PPG



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