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Arkema Receives Mass Balance ISCC PLUS Certification for Their Acrylic Monomers Production Facility in Clear Lake, Texas (US)

Arkema, a global leader in specialty materials, has achieved ISCC PLUS certification for its acrylic monomers production facility in Clear Lake, Texas. This follows certifications in Taixing, China (January 2024) and Carling, France (October 2022).

Casey COLLINS, Acrylics Monomers Regional Group President, Americas, said that Arkema is dedicated to pushing bio-attributed efforts globally and employing a mass balance strategy throughout the integration process. "It is another key milestone towards an industry-wide decarbonization and circularity efforts that will help our customers and end users reduce greenhouse gas emissions from coatings and adhesives for key markets like new mobility, building efficiency and living comfort; as well as in applications like engineered polymers, leather, textile, hygiene and water treatment."

These certifications promote the use of bio-attributed specialty resins and additives for low-VOC and carbon-intensive processes, such as high-solid, waterborne, UV/LED, and polyester powders.

Source: ARKEMA



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