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Evonik Announces Construction of Dispersion Technology Plant for Fumed Silica at Rheinfelden Site

Evonik has commissioned a new plant featuring innovative dispersion technology for fumed silica at its Rheinfelden site. This move reinforces the specialty chemicals company's status as a leading supplier of high-quality silicas from the AEROSIL® family.

The new system is specifically designed to manufacture AEROSIL® Easy-to-disperse (E2D) products. This technology facilitates the incorporation of silica as a rheology additive in paint and coating formulations.

“The commissioning of the AEROSIL® E2D technology demonstrates our commitment to the Rheinfelden site, where we have been successfully producing fumed silica for decades,” said Dr. Stefan Fiedler, head of the AEROSIL® operating group in Rheinfelden. “This not only ensures quality, but also increases the global availability of our products.”

AEROSIL® E2D fumed silica products provide outstanding dispersibility, streamlining and enhancing the efficiency of the paint and coating manufacturing process. Traditionally, dispersing rheology additives like fumed silica has required significant time and energy. However, AEROSIL® E2D technology consolidates this process into a single, efficient step.

“Our AEROSIL® E2D products offer our customers improved process efficiency as well as optimized end-product performance,” said Dr. Oliver Kroehl, head of Silica at Evonik Coating Additives, highlighting the benefits of the technology. “The main benefit for our customers is the accelerated dispersion of silica, yielding significant savings in time, energy, and costs, and consequently CO2 emissions. This enables our customers to develop more advanced and sustainable coating solutions.”

The new facility in Rheinfelden represents Evonik's ongoing commitment to investing in coating and ink additives, with a special emphasis on creating environmentally friendly and sustainable products.

Source - Evonik



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